Growth financing powered by your data

€400m funding availible with terms constructed to maximise value creation.

The Gilion Loan is designed to fill up your business bank account for a long time. Repayment is slow, giving you unmatched time to reach valuation milestones.

100% non-dilutive

No warrants or equity return components, the Growth Loan is fully non-dilutive.

Maximize cash on bank

Slow repayments lets you keep the money longer and invest bigger.

Delay equity raise

Delay the next round until valuations are up and you've reached your milestones.

Ballpark terms

The Gilion Loan is designed to fill company bank accounts, for a very long time.

interest only

2 years

Repayment time

6 years

Ticket sizes


Indicators that the
timing is right

Gilion will identify when a company has reached predictable and durable growth, which is the ideal timing to inject Gilion financing. High-level indicators that the timing is right are listed below.

Intrest only

B2C or B2B SaaS


2-year path to profitability

Customer base

At least 50 customers

Revenue range

1-50M annualized.

Made possible by AI

On the Gilion platform founders connect their raw data to the best predictive models in growth forecasting. It is what let’s us identify durable growth in early stage, and offer unmatched terms to founders.

A custom approach

Gilion will identify when a company has reached predictable and durable growth, which is the ideal timing to inject Gilion financing. High-level indicators that the timing is right are listed below.

2 minutes

Connect your data sources

Request your desired amount and connect the data sources relating to revenue, spend and user behaviour.

1 hour

Get forecasts and growth insights

Once connected no further implementation is needed. It takes about an hour for all data to get processed and forecasted.

1-2 weeks

Enter due diligence

Once forecasts are ready you enter a due diligence process with our finance team, covering financial track record, forecasts, customer base and product.


How long is your process? 

Around 2-4 weeks. Once you’ve connected your data to our growth forecasting platform and we’ve received your business plans, we are typically able to reach a credit decision within a week. Note that the overall process varies depending on the speed of the client.

How does the Growth Loan differ from Venture Debt?

The Gilion Growth Loan is fairly similar to Venture debt, with a few key points of difference. The Gilion Growth Loan is not contingent on equity rounds and it’s 100% non-dilutive, without any warrants or equity kickers. Instead we track your growth and runway to ensure that you have the headroom to repay the loan throughout the term.

Generally we are able to do deals with younger and smaller companies than venture debt firms.

What can I use the loan for?

Use the money however you see fit. M&A, runway extension, marketing, R&D, hiring, geographical expansion, general growth - consider the loan as general growth capital. 

It's a business loan for startups.

Are both bootstrapped and venture capital-backed companies eligable? 

Yes, the Gilion Growth Loan is available to both venture capital-backed and bootstrapped companies.

Does the Growth Loan come with any warrants or personal guarantees? 

No, we do not require any personal guarantees. The Gilion Growth Loan is fully non-dilutive funding, with no attached warrants or equity kickers.

How does the Growth Loan differ from Revenue Based Finance (RBF)?

The Gilion Growth Loan has up to 2 years interest only periods before amortization starts, while RBF’s usually demand repayment instantly. The repayment term is also far longer, up to 6 years while revenue-based financing commonly want the money back after 1-2 years. 

Generally, our loans are more cost-effective on an annual basis. While RBF’s may present their interest rates differently, we ensure transparency by always showcasing the true annualized interest. This can occasionally complicate comparisons with some RBF lenders who may advertise low fees for short-term loans.

What type of businesses or sectors are eligable?

B2B and B2C SaaS businesses.

Can I access a loan outside of an equity round?

The Gilion Growth Loan is accessible to companies both during their Series A & Series B to decrease dilution, but also in between rounds to increase runway to the next financing round.

What is the eligibility criteria to access a Growth Loan?

The eligibility criteria to access a Growth Loan is usually:
– 20+ customers for a B2B business. 
– A recurring revenue source, usually a subscription element.

What determines the amount my business is eligible for?

Multiples fluctuate between 0.5 to 2x, depending on your business characteristics, growth forecasts and underlying margins.

How does Gilion operate in Germany?

In Germany Gilion operates as a loan broker through a trade license and is under supervision by Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin, Ordnungsamt. The loans are granted by a third party bank

What markets are Gilion active in?

We are currently operating in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Germany. In 2024 we will expand our full offering to the U.K and U.S.