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The growth platform, first of it’s kind

Gilion is a growth platform designed to give founders what they need to build generational companies. We use the best predictive models in growth forecasting, developed by the analytics community for over 10 years. The very same models that have enabled companies like Spotify, Facebook and Google to grow exponentially fast with control. We believe founders should have access to these early in their company building, because when they do they stand better chances of making it.

We also believe founders need a worthy complement to equity funding, in the form of credit. Banks have historically struggled with assessing credit strength in a not yet-profitable company, but with the same growth forecasting models it is now possible. Any standard tech company has over a trillion data points which tells the truth of their future financial strength if machine learning is done right. Hence we are on a mission to equip founders what they need to build lasting companies. A new asset class rooted in forward looking data and the analytics capabilities that lets them grow with unmatched precision.

Gilion by the numbers

Gilion and the platform hosts 500+ companies, over a trillion data points and tracks 1,5 billion in revenue. Making it the worlds largest data set ever applied to growth forecasting models, resulting in ever growing precision in our financing and analytics capabilities.

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Meet the team

Gilion was founded in 2021 by former VP of Analytics at Spotify and founding partner of EQT Ventures Henrik Landgren, six time entrepreneur Oliver Hildebrant and banking veteran Axel Bruzelius. Today we are a 80 people team, consisting of the brightest minds in machine learning, tech and banking.

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On a mission to remove the barriers in the way of entrepreneurs

Oscar Werner

CEO and former Preseident of Tobii and CEO at Sinch

Henrik Landgren

CPTO, Co-founder and former founding partner of EQT Ventures and VP of Analytics at Spotify

Elin Bäcklund

CTO and former leader at Motherbrain

Axel Bruzelius

COO, Co-founder and veteran banker