We help entrepreneurs achieve big things in a short space of time through funding and analytics

Why we are here

Gilion is building the world's largest Growth Platform for founders. Our team of 80+ engineers, product, legal and finance experts are here to radically change the growth experience for founders. Our platform connects the raw fundamental data of any business, into the leading models in growth analytics. The performance of this platform allows us to give access to two products:


Growth loans

We believe lending should be made with lots of real time data. P&L reports arrive 45 days after the end of quarter. At Gilion it arrives in real time, through the correct analytics lens. This allows us to understand growth stage companies better and faster. Resulting in an ability to give access to game changing loans – longer duration, higher loan to ARR, longer repayment than anyone else in the market. Since we have more data, we have a higher understanding of our clients' business, which creates a reduced credit risk for our funding partners. All in all - we help founders reach their milestones faster and keep more of their business as they do so.


Best in class analytics, out of the box

We believe all founders should have access to the best growth metrics and analytics. Our founder Henrik Landgren is the former VP of analytics at Spotify and the founding partner of EQT Ventures where he built their famous sourcing engine Motherbrain. At Gilion we combine the growth analytics of the best tech companies with what the capital market wants to see. This helps founders grow faster and into a stronger position on the capital market.

New features are being released to our core products every day. Stay tuned. We have just gotten started.


CEO of Gilion Oscar Werner
Oscar Werner
CTO Elin Bäcklund
Elin Bäcklund
CPTO of Gilion Henrik Landsgren
Henrik Landgren
Co-founder & CPTO
Co-Founder & COO Axel Bruzelius
Axel Bruzelius
Co-founder & COO

Board of directors

Co-Founder & CEO Oliver Hildebrandt
Oliver Hildebrandt
Co-founder & Chairman of the board
Annika Falkengren former President of SEB and founding partner at Lombard Odier
Annika Falkengren
Former President of SEB and founding partner at Lombard Odier
Investor Hjalmar Winbladh
Hjalmar Winbladh
Co-founder of Sinch, Epidemic Sound, Rebtel and founding partner of EQT Ventures
Julia Hawkins
General Partner, Local Globe
Investor Gabriella Sahlman
Gabriella Sahlman
Co-founder of Proventus Capital Partners
Johan Brenner investor from Creandum
Johan Brenner
General Partner at Creandum


Riccardo Zacconi
Founder of King
Annika Falkengren
Investor and former CEO of SEB
John McCormick
Investor and former co-head of Blackstone.
Andrew Konopelski
Investor and former head of EQT Credit
Ilkka Paananen
Founder Supercell
Jacob De Geer
Investor and founder of iZettle

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