We help founders build lasting companies

On Gilion founders plug into the 
best predictive models in the world – like a DNA test, but for growth. Allowing us to craft unmatched funding terms and unveil deep insights into your future.

Growth Loans

Access custom, longterm scaleup loans.


See where your business could be in 3 years.


Track and optimise the metrics that matter.

DNA-test for your growth

Gilion generates precise growth forecasts, spanning years into the future. Instantly see different growth scenarios play out.

Supporting 50+ platforms to connect

Custom funding terms based on your performance

We believe founders deserve a worthy complement to equity funding. Allowing them to direct their time, efforts, and attention to building generational companies.

gilion forecasting platform

100% non-dilutive

No warrants or equity return components, the Growth Loan is fully non-dilutive.

Maximize cash on bank

Slow repayments lets you keep the money longer and invest bigger.

Delay equity raise

Delay the next round until valuations are up and you've reached your milestones.

€400m capital pool for growth through Gilion

Gilion exists to give founders what they need to build generational companies.


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Digital Renaissance of German Aftercare

Recare – Empowering healthcare professionals to focus on what really matters.