We help entrepreneurs achieve big things in short spaces of time through growth funding and analytics.

The Growth Loan

Reach valuation milestones faster and protect your cap table with non-dilutive loans.

Up to €3M, 2 years interest-only, followed by up to 4 years repayment.

The Growth Platform

Accelerate your growth and navigate towards a strong position on the capital market with best in class metrics.

Forecasts, benchmarks, cohorts, retention and 60+ metrics out-of-the-box.

All credit to entrepreneurs

We are 80 developers, data engineers, machine learning professors, credit investors, underwriters, former founders and scale-up operators who together bring data into the world of credit. We strive to become the leader in assessing risk in growth stage companies, insights we early on decided to share with the entrepreneurs in their own platform. The end game is to help entrepreneurs build what could take a lifetime, in years.

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insights from the gilion platform on user activityinsights from the gilion platform on user activity

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A power house in document verification

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It’s the circle of employee life

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The German healthcare giant

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The German healthtech giant

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Powerhouse in document verification

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“What I liked about Gilion is that we have the flexibility, in terms of, deciding how long the interest-only period should be. We want to pay as little as possible in the beginning to be in line with our cash target. Once we have reached our target and are collecting more cash, we have no issues paying back.”

– Parth Patel, CFO Casavi

“We’ve always had the goal of building a big company. And then you need to be careful with dilution. If you’ve given away 40% of the company, then it is harder to attract the big money needed for a US launch for example.”

– Fabian Ruben, co-Founder and CEO Hälsa Hemma

“You 100% won me on the fact that there’s no convertible note. That and the match in energy and ambition.”

Alexander Augustesen, Co-Founder and CEO Zuuvi