Call us Gilion


Gilion gives founders access to everything they need to grow faster – from superior growth tools to financing. Our new name is another step in our pursuit towards becoming a universal “everything growth” platform.

Starting today, you can call us Gilion.

What does it mean?

Gilion refers to the vast amounts of data generated daily by tech companies and how it, through AI, can finally be leveraged to understand, optimize and finance growth.

What has changed?

Beyond our name, nothing. Our mission remains the same. We always set out to build a universal platform, transforming the growth experience for all founders with superior tools and funding.
Now, we’re gearing up to go global.

What has happend?

founded in sweden
€30m in equity
€400m loanfacility
tech bbq
money 20/20
public release of platform
forecasting studio
growth scores
1000+ users
backed by:
annika falkengren
john mccormick
jacob de geer
hjalmar winbladH
sebastian knutsson
patrick söderlund
timo soininen
frank strauss
karl johan persson
riccardo zacconi
ilkKa paananen
steve anavi
50+ angel investors
80+ team

What will happen?

AI-driven decisions, based on refined data, will become the standard for all funding and credit decisions in the near future, shifting how we approach entrepreneurship and investments as a whole.

By building a true “everything growth” platform, our goal is to empower the world’s founders with superior tools and insights to understand, optimize, and fund their individual growth.

Join us as we bid adieu to the name Ark Kapital and welcome the era of Gilion,

Henrik Landgren

Founder and CPTO at Gilion