Play around with forecasted scenarios

Use machine learning to quickly generate and compare routes

Overview of the forecasting studio dashboard
Overview of the forecasting studio dashboard
OPEX calculation on growth analytics platform Gilion

Play around with cost, growth numbers

Once all data integrations have been completed, you will have all of your financial, marketing, OPEX and product data flowing in real-time in the Forecasting Studio. Play around with key questions regarding churn, retention, runway and timing of hires.

Overview of the forecasting feature on the growth analytics platform Gilion on top of an white background

Get a second opinion from our machine learning models

Validate your own forecasting and train your gut by comparing them to the output of the Gilion models. We make sure to stay at the forefront of the field, implementing the leading predictive models in the analytics community.

Zoomed in view of the Gilion growth analytics platform of sharing a pitch deck to investors.

Generate new scenarios fast and move decisions in the boardroom

Minimise time spent on modelling out new scenarios, and more time on exploring timing on strategic bets. Move decisions forward in a sitting meeting instead of getting back days or weeks after.

iPhone with protected layers visualising the security of the platform

Trust your numbers, secure in every detail

Our platform offers robust validation and secure storage for your metrics, providing a reliable second opinion, which instills confidence in your data when sharing with investors and teams.

Is your growth good or bad?

Put your performance in context with real-time benchmarks

Benchmarking statistics on an dashboard for a company conected data to the platform

Growth metrics out-of-the-box

Get the metrics setup of the the winning SaaS, Ecoms and Apps.

Cohort graph from the Gilion platform