See where your business could be in 3 years

Validate bets in the forecasting studio

Founders contemplating increasing ad spend can see the scenario play out in the forecasting lab, before placing the bet.  Explore bets relating to ad spend, CAC targets, retention targets, average purchase targets and OPEX increases or cuts.

Purchase value


Ad spend




Track future profitability

Gilion shows with accuracy when a business will turn profitable.

Track future retention

See 1, 6, 12, 24 month retention forecasts side by side. This view tells founders if their product bets are moving the needle.

Superior accuracy

The Gilion platform hosts 500+ companies, over a trillion data points and tracks 1,5 billion in revenue. Making it the world largest data set applied to growth forecasting models, resulting in superior forecasts and benchmarks.

Get started free

Store, manage, and scale your data

Gilion integrates directly to 40+ platforms. Spinning up a completely new infrastructure designed to store, manage, and scale your data as you grow.

Highly regulated and secured

Gilion uses Content Delivery Network, Kubernetes and Web Application Firewalls to protect our services. All data is encrypted at all times and our entire infrastructure is located at an EU-based data center.


What is the pricing for using the Gilion platform?

All core features in Gilion are free to use for any company, no matter if you are applying for funding or not. Gilion's platform is a tool we’re using internally at Gilion for evaluating companies' possibilities for financing in their application, but we also have opened it up for anyone to use to get a holistic overview of their performance.

We offer paid features on our premium price plans but the base level of Gilion is always free.

What volumes are needed for accurate forecasts?

We usually see accurate and good forecasts for companies with over 100 paying customers within SaaS, E-com and App businesses. But of course, more data gives a higher level of predictability.

How are you working with data security?

We use the highest level of security for all companies in the Gilion platform and any metrics and related to how your business is going is not shared with any third parties. We are storing the data in separate Google Cloud projects and all data transfer is end-to-end encrypted.We use Content Delivery Network, Kubernetes and Web Application Firewalls to protect our services. All the data is encrypted at all times - during transit, even within the Kubernetes cluster, and when stored. Gilion's infrastructure is located at an EU based data center powered by green energy.

Can I invite investors to Gilion?

Yes, you can invite any external current or future investor. An investor can however never view your performance in Gilion without your invitation. 

How long does it take until my data is synced?

It takes maximum 24 hours until all data history is synced and insights and forecasts are delivered. 

How are the Gilion forecasts modeled?

Our models combine historical data with key indicators such as recurring revenues, overall growth, user retention, marketing efficiency, and financial strengths. 

Since launch, we have assembled an experienced tech and analytics team from EQT, Spotify, Klarna, Tink, Anyfin and Instabox to build the first forecasting platform running on the complete data set related to costs, revenues and user behavior.