November 14, 2023

Forecasting Studio: See your growth bets play out instantly

Elin Bäcklund
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Elin Bäcklund

Introducing the Forecasting Studio, specifically designed for the financial planning and growth forecasting of your company. It integrates real-time data, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and actionable forecasts. Basically, putting you in the front seat.

The team at Gilion is excited to announce the launch of our new feature, the Forecasting Studio.

This new feature in is specifically designed for financial planning and growth forecasting of your company. It integrates real-time data, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate and actionable forecasts of your business. Basically, putting you in the front seat.

“We’re thrilled to launch our Forecasting Studio, an individual, easy-to-understand studio where you can analyze very real scenarios and isolate your key priorities for your business.", says Elin Bäcklund, CTO at Gilion. “Having the ability to experiment freely with everything from customer retention, customer acquisition to marketing spend - all based on your actual data - you can literally save weeks of work analyzing and planning your next fiscal year in a matter of minutes.”

Experiment with your KPI's. See the impact in real-time

The Forecasting Studio offers a dynamic and interactive UI to adjust your key metrics and see how they impact your future growth.

For instance, adjust the Ad Spend to measure its influence on revenue generation, or tweak the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) to evaluate its effects on your profitability. You can also play around with retention rates and purchase prices to understand how slight changes can significantly swing your ARR. But more importantly, your path to profitability.

A new way to plan your 2024, but also your 2028

With the Forecasting Studio, businesses can now strategically plan for upcoming years and chart a clear path to profitability. It allows you to adjust and experiment with various key metrics to see their potential impact on your financial future.

You can foresee the effects of changes in marketing costs, customer acquisition costs, retention rates, and more on when and how you will reach profitability as a business. By providing a simulated environment to understand the implications of your decisions today, the Forecasting Lab empowers you to make informed strategic choices that steer your business towards sustained profitability in the years to come.

‍To get access to the Forecasting Studio, make sure to have your data connected to AIM.

You need to connect your data to AIM from the tools that are driving your business. After that we connect them into one place and unite the data. The processing time is usually a few hours and then it works like a charm automatically.

Ready to get started? Head over to and sign up for Gilion. Once set up, you’ll have your AIM Scores in no time.

When handling other businesses data, only the highest level of security available is an option. We use Content Delivery Network, Kubernetes and Web Application Firewalls to protect our services. All the data is encrypted at all times - during transit, even within the Kubernetes cluster, and when stored. Gilion infrastructure is located at an EU based data center powered by green energy.

About Gilion

Gilion changes the growth experience for founders – through providing access to groundbreaking scaleup loans the frontier of growth forecasting. Gilion is now live in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Gilion was founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneur Oliver Hildebrandt, veteran banker Axel Bruzelius, Spotify's former VP of Analytics and former EQT Ventures founding Partner  Henrik Landgren.

For questions:

Fredrik Westin, Head of Communications
+46 73 543 51 08

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