March 4, 2024

Gilion launches Intro Makers

Carl Lager
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Carl Lager

In the tech ecosystem of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Berlin, innovation thrives at every corner. Yet, there exists a common challenge: identifying the hidden gems, the companies with the potential to skyrocket with the right backing. It's in this spirit of uncovering untapped potential that Gilion proudly presents the "Intro Makers" a Referral Program for and by Founders.

Intro Makers isn't just about incentives; it's about strengthening the bonds within our local tech communities. By harnessing the collective knowledge and connections of our network, we aspire to unlock growth opportunities for promising ventures. So, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur in Helsinki or a budding startup in Copenhagen, join us on this journey to elevate our tech ecosystems and pave the way for a brighter future of innovation.

Why intro makers?

Our Referral Program, Intro Makers,  is more than just a token of appreciation; it's a testament to our belief in the collective strength of our community. By incentivizing and rewarding intros, we not only deepen our network connections but also create an ecosystem where founders can actively contribute to each other's success.

Benefits of Participating

A good lead can come in many forms. That’s why we’ve boiled it down into two distinct rewards when engaging with the Referral Program:
Qualified Lead Reward: For every high-potential company introduction, we offer a reward of €350. This serves as a recognition of your keen eye for spotting promising ventures.

Loan Customer Reward: Should your introduction lead to a successful deal, you'll receive a substantial finders fee of €3,500 and contribute to the loan customer having a €1,000 deduction on its arrangement fee. This not only acknowledges your contribution but also aligns our incentives towards mutual growth.

A Simple Process

Why make something complex, when it can be easy? Is something a motto at GIlion, and we’ve used the same format when constructing the Intro Makers process with four simple steps:

1.Submit Your Intro: Share details of the company you're introducing, ensuring they're informed about the intro.

2. Client Executive Outreach: A dedicated client executive will connect with you to facilitate the introduction process.

3. Qualification Meeting: In the introductory meeting, we assess if the company aligns with Gilion's scope and requirements.

4. Rewards Upon Success: If your introduction results in a deal, we'll promptly reward you with the agreed-upon finders fee.

Who qualifies?

While we want to hear about all the amazing opportunities out there, here are some quick guidelines for what we’re currently looking for:

Company Qualification Criteria:
– B2B or B2C SaaS company with recurring revenues exceeding €500k in annual recurring revenue (ARR).
– A growing business with a current funding need
– Headquartered in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, or Finland.
– The company is not already a user on the platform

Contact Qualification Criteria:
– The Intro is aware of your recommendation and receptive to an introduction.
– The contact holds decision-making authority, ideally occupying roles such as Founder, CEO, or CFO.

Together, let's unlock the untapped potential of promising ventures and pave the way for a brighter future of entrepreneurship. Head over to today, and join us in shaping the next generation of success stories.

About Gilion

Gilion changes the growth experience for founders – through providing access to groundbreaking scaleup loans the frontier of growth forecasting. Gilion is now live in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Gilion was founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneur Oliver Hildebrandt, veteran banker Axel Bruzelius, Spotify's former VP of Analytics and former EQT Ventures founding Partner  Henrik Landgren.

For questions:

Fredrik Westin, Head of Communications
+46 73 543 51 08

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