Is your growth good or bad?

Put your performance in context with real-time benchmarks

insights from the gilion platform on user activity
Benchmarking statistics on an dashboard for a company conected data to the platform
Benchmark statistics on the Gilion platform.

Compare your metrics with industry peers

Know if you’ve had a strong month, quarter or year with relevant comparisons to companies at the same stage as you. Use it to put your performance into the right context and to set your targets.

Benchmarking dashboard with forecasts of the current metrics

Get your benchmarks forecasted

The Gilion platform will not stop at benchmarking your current performance, but benchmark your future growth. The forward looking benchmarks indicate where your company is likely to be heading next year based on observations from other companies in the same benchmark group as you.

Element showing how you can share pitch decks to investors on the Gilion platform

Share your benchmarked position with investors

It’s easy to share the Gilion benchmarks and your contextualised performance to investors. New and old. Use them to navigate towards a higher share price and to have better board discussions around KPI’s.

Gilion platform on an iPhone showing the recent analytics scores of an user. On white background.

Get your individual Growth Scores

Gilion Scores monitor and rate the performance of all fundamental parts of the growth engine, such as marketing efficiency, retention trends, monetisation and financial strength. Use it to constantly keep track of the health of the growth engine and where you can improve it.

iPhone with protected layers visualising the security of the platform

Trust your numbers, secure in every detail

Our platform offers robust validation and secure storage for your metrics, providing a reliable second opinion, which instills confidence in your data when sharing with investors and teams.

Play around with forecasting

Use machine learning to quickly generate and compare routes.

Overview of the forecasting studio dashboard

Growth metrics out-of-the-box

Get the metrics setup of the the winning SaaS, Ecoms and Apps.

Cohort graph from the Gilion platform