Growth metrics out-of-the-box

Get the metrics setup of the the winning SaaS, Ecoms and Apps

insights from the gilion platform on user activity
Cohort graph from the Gilion platform
Multiple views of different analytics metrics you can track on the Gilion platform

Best in class Growth metrics

Grow with the metrics and definitions that the tech community and investors use to measure success. Drill down in various markets, understand the drivers of your growth and prioritise what actions to take.

Logos of social media networks and analytics product that you can connect to Gilion

Out-of-the-box implementation

Spare internal resources. The Gilion platform is built to deliver beautiful dashboards with simple plug-and-play data integrations that any CEO or CFO can do with little or no help.

Notification on an iPhone regarding new metrics changes on the Gilion analytics platform

Share third party validated updates and forecasts

Keep your team, board, current and potential investors updated with curated decks. It’s a sure way to earn trust as everything you show in Gilion is third party validated and updated in real time. Cherry pick and craft narratives with ease.

Element showing how you can share pitch decks to investors on the Gilion platform

Share your benchmarked position with investors

It’s easy to share the Gilion benchmarks and your contextualised performance to investors. New and old. Use them to navigate towards a higher share price and to have better board discussions around KPI’s.

iPhone with protected layers visualising the security of the platform

Trust your numbers, secure in every detail

Our platform offers robust validation and secure storage for your metrics, providing a reliable second opinion, which instills confidence in your data when sharing with investors and teams.

Play around with forecasting

Use machine learning to quickly
generate and compare routes.

Overview of the forecasting studio dashboard

Is your growth good or bad?

Put your performance in context with real-time benchmarks

Benchmarking statistics on an dashboard for a company conected data to the platform