The hyperbolic growth case

Gilion operates under bank secrecy, all of our clients identity and financial details are strictly protected. This case details the deal of a bootstrapped B2C Subscription raising a hybrid Series A.

Ticket Size

€ 8,000,000

Business model

B2C Subscription




Equity, Gilion Growth Loan

Active markets





4 weeks

“This was an extremely aggressive growth case, and we’re pleased to double their Series A and help the scale faster.”

– Sofia Savén, Investment Manager.

Growth strengths

This business is a B2C subscription business which grows aggressively through marketing. They have one of the most impressive retention floors we’ve seen in a B2C business at 40+%, paired with one of the most predictable correlations between marketing spend and customer acquisition we’ve seen. In addition, they have proven their ability to grow outside their Nordic home market.

Fundraising history

Founded in 2016, this company have had two equity injection, raising capital from well-reputed business angels, family offices and VCs.

Capital use case

This company was embarking on aggressive global expansion and needed a new capital injection to fuel marketing and customer acquisition.

Why Gilion

With Gilion it was possible to vastly expand their series A with a €8m non-dilutive ticket, which would go straight into their marketing machinery. They opted for a Gilion loan over venture debt because we, by understanding their business, could tailor the loan terms to suite the business and loan purpose and be a hands-on partner.